Dana J. Montgomery

Senior Software Engineer

Employment Objectives
To lead and contribute in the design and development of software solutions as a senior/principal software engineer.

6/98 - Present Softbank Marketing Solutions/Naviant, Inc., Woburn, MA
Designed, architected, and currently implementing a Microsoft Internet Explorer–based application that will allow Naviant to develop web-based registration programs using a WYSIWYG HTML editor.  Application will allow Naviant Account Consultants to design pages, questions, add images, text, links, etc. to each page of the registration.  The registration can be fully customized for Naviant partners and include complex page branching logic and question logic.  Registrations can also be localized into multiple languages via a text import/export tool.  Registration web sites used at runtime are built from the tool’s database and encapsulate all business logic defined during registration creation. Chief architect and sole implementor of Runtime Registration Builder to include code generation, web site configuration, and deployment of generated web sites. Chief architect and implementor of “plug-in” technology that allows third parties to integrate their systems and services into the system.
Designed, architected and implemented technology that allows Naviant to provide anonymous demographic data to third parties through the use of a double-blind method. This service allowed for targeted marketing while maintaining full anonymity for the consumer. Using JDK 1.3 and servlet technology, a suite of services was developed to administer, enable and fulfill on requests for this demographic data.
Developed PC Registration program for various computer OEMs including HP, Acer, Fujitsu, eMachines, IBM, and Sony.  Application was developed around an HTML control written in ATL.  This control hosted MS’s WebBrowser control (shdocvw.dll & mshtml.dll).  UI was developed using DHTML/JavaScript.  Application could run from the desktop via a small Win32 shell application or pages could be hosted inside Microsoft’s Out-Of-Box-Experience (OOBE) framework. Application was localized and deployed in twenty different languages.  Application used additional COM objects written in ATL.
Enhanced/Maintained ATL controls for use in above registration application.  These controls included RAS/Dialup Networking, WinInet functions, TAPI support, and Windows Shell support.
Part of a two-man team that designed and developed a system to support SMS/Naviant’s “Club Rewards” websites.  The data entry program was written in VB and interfaced with an MS SQL Server database via ADO.  The database contains information regarding OEMs and third-party affiliate partner offers (trial subscriptions to magazines, software, etc.)  A second program would extract data and create XML files that were then passed through XSL style sheets to generate websites co-branded for Naviant and each OEM.  
Using Perl and InstallShield provided the facility for reliable, reproducible builds and subsequent release of Naviant products and applications. Methodologies included acquisition of all source code from source control, creation of applicable binary components, packaging of components and supporting data files, configuration of web sites, user administration, etc.
9/95 - 6/98 Kronos, Inc., Waltham, MA
Lead architect and contributor for strategic initiative providing API’s into Kronos’ flagship product utilizing client-side, multi-threaded DLL’s communicating through CORBA to Java servers.  Key considerations in this architecture included performance, scalability, and ease of configuration. This project was instrumental in allowing Kronos the opportunity to provide a true product suite to its customers.
Contributor to new development that provides self-directed employees a Time & Attendance solution. Developed in Java and implementing workflow models.
Member of the Kronos' TKC/S Performance Task Force formed to address "show stopping" performance issues discovered prior to a major release of the product. Performance gains were achieved partially through re-architecture, elimination of redundant SQL generation, and reduction of unnecessary object instantiation.
Contributor in new development effort resulting in a Time & Attendance solution for Home Health Agencies. Developed, through prototype, in Smalltalk as an optional module to Kronos' TKC/S product.
Software Engineer and project leader in the Healthcare Systems Division customizing Kronos' standard Time and Attendance software products to meet customer needs on PC/DOS, UNIX and OpenVMS platforms. Additionally, developed new features to augment the suite of products offered to the Healthcare industry.
7/87 - Present Part-time Consultant
Development of a three-tier, web deployed, client/server application in Java.
Design, implementation and deployment of database-enabled web sites for commercial and non-profit organizations. Fully secure e-commerce solutions were offered and implemented for several clients.
Provided programming and consulting services to small businesses and other consultants within the PC arena. Services include:
Developed curriculum and taught ten-week class on C programming.
7/87 - 8/95 The Savings Bank, Wakefield, MA
Systems Officer for a $240 million Mutual Savings Bank with 100 employees in six locations.
Design, implementation and installation of 100-node, five LAN, wide area network supporting all financial transaction terminals and business activities.
Lead conversion effort of in-house data processing to an outsourcing service provider.
Determination of need, vendor selection, and installation of bank-wide telephone system.
Project leader for facilities relocation which included all voice and data communications, computer systems and in-house information systems for 50+ employees.
Hands-on management responsibilities for four person staff of operators and programmer/analysts. Provided in-house information solutions using PC and midrange software and hardware platforms. Responsible for all voice and data communications including connectivity of disparate hardware such as ATMs and other financial devices to PCs and other host equipment. Senior level participation in strategic planning with emphasis on technical direction decisions and implementation. Business resumption planning.
10/85 - 6/87 Task Oriented Software Wakefield, MA
Manager of six member technical staff at a software development company marketing software to the Hospital Financial community. Responsibilities included:
Lead software development of a database and forms based report generation shell, implemented in the 'C' programming language. Used for submittal of hospital reimbursement reports meeting commission regulations. Responsibilities included design, analysis, programming, and technical documentation. Shell implemented in ten different reimbursement reports, all approved by their corresponding regulatory commission. System provides "what if" capabilities, data compression, and telecommunications.
Participated in strategic planning and corporate direction functions with regard to developments in the computing industry and its effect on the market.
Assessment of technical staffing needs; Evaluation and recommendation on all hardware and software purchases for staff.
7/84 - 9/85 Amicon, Inc. Danvers, MA
A Senior programmer/analyst for a manufacturing company. Performed analysis, design, programming, documentation, and MAPICS interface functions using RPG II/III on IBM midrange equipment. Specific accomplishments include Material Transfers Accounting, Physical/Perpetual Inventory Interface, Sales History/Forecasting Package. Key member of implementation teams for Automation of European Subsidiaries and conversion effort from IBM S/34 and S/36 to IBM S/38.
2/80 - 6/84 Independent Contractor
Analysis, design, and development of reimbursement software marketed to the healthcare community.
Analysis, design, programming, and implementation of a Investment Portfolio Analysis System and Card Management System. Conversion of service bureau data, interface with various financial systems and services, internal/external audit assistance, etc.
Programming and analysis tasks for inventory, distribution, and quality control systems for a regional food processing and distribution corporation (wholesale level).
Converted and enhanced the customer accounting and cycle billing system of a local public utility from a batch to an on-line environment.
Analysis, design, programming, and implementation of an on-line order entry and inventory control system for a nationwide food distributor.
Programmed and implemented an in-house financial reporting system for a major nationwide lending institution.

C, C++, Java, Visual Basic, Visual C++, MFC, ActiveX Controls, HTML, DHTML, XML, Javascript, VBScript, Active Server Pages, ADO, JDBC, ATL, ADSI, Web Logic, SQL Server, CORBA, Smalltalk, Perl, InstallShield, RPG II/III

Educational Background
9/81 - Present Technical courses in Java, Object Oriented Design & Analysis, SmallTalk, C, RPG II/III, data structures, application design and analysis, various management, information systems and software engineering disciplines.
8/93 - 6/95 Graduate (with Honors), National School of Banking
7/89 - 7/90 Graduate, Massachusetts School of Financial Studies
9/80 - 5/81 University of Massachusetts, Lowell, Computer Science

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